Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Jeremiah Dine Experience, 2014 from Jeremiah Dine on Vimeo.

700 photographs taken over the last four years. This is part of an ongoing daily visual diary, carrying on the tradition of 20th Century street photography. Presented as a slideshow for onscreen viewing.
Running time: 1:04:5
Women Are Beautiful (After Winogrand), 2014 from Jeremiah Dine on Vimeo.

In 1975 I saw a show of Garry Winogrand’s photographs at the Light Gallery on Madison Avenue. I was a teenager, I owned a Leica and I wanted to be a street photographer. Walking into the exhibition I was blown away. The photographs were hung under plexi, a hundred or more, literally floor to ceiling as a Maximalist statement and a testament to Winogrand’s voracious image acquisition strategy. Legend has it that they were pulled from Winogrand’s portfolios in random fashion and hung in that order. That same year Winogrand published Women Are Beautiful, a culled selection of women that he had shot on the street.
In the last few years of shooting I have immersed myself on the street, becoming part of the ebb and flow of humanity; gazing at each other and gazing at screens. I too have developed a voracious image acquisition strategy. While I was shooting everybody and everything I decided to edit a group of photographs of women as a tribute to a body of work I have long loved. As an attempt to recreate Winogrand’s wall of photographs in a digital environment, slides will scroll by on the screen as this is the way we tend to look at multiple images today.
Running Time: 1:20:14