Monday, October 26, 2009

Live Blogging my Colonoscopy Prep 8

Well, that's over, and it was OK in the end (innuendo). Propofol*, or milk of amnesia as it is known, is amazing. We ate some wonton noodle soup afterwards, I came home and decided to lay down, and passed out for 2 hours.

One quick story- lying on the stretcher in the procedure room, a nurse took my blood pressure while my doctor was doing paperwork and the anesthesiologist was inserting my drip. My BP was 144 over 92, and my doctor commented on it. I mentioned that I have white coat syndrome, so the anesthesiologist said "Dr. Friedlander, I don't think he likes the way you look."
I looked at my doc and said from my prone position "I would never say anything like that to a man who is about to shove 6 feet of tubing up my rectum."

*I mistakenly referred to it as Prophynol in earlier posts.

Live Blogging my Colonoscopy Prep 7

I'm tired and hungry. I want a cup of coffee, or at least some prophynol. Off to Kip's Bay.

Live Blogging my Colonoscopy Prep 6


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Live Blogging my Colonoscopy Prep 5

I'm really not looking forward to drinking another 32 ounces of that stuff.

Live Blogging my Colonoscopy Prep 4

T minus 15, and the house smells of pumpkin risotto and roasting asparagus. Sunday night family dinner. Gatorade and an Apple Jolly Rancher for me.

Live Blogging my Colonoscopy Prep 3

Chicken stock, and a watermelon Jolly Rancher lollipop. Went to the liquor store and bought some white wine. A beautiful day.

Live Blogging my Colonoscopy Prep 2

Lime popsicle.

Live Blogging my Colonoscopy Prep 1

I turned fifty this year, and was told by my G.P in January that I needed to get a colonoscopy this year.  (Full disclosure: I had one ten years ago, a practice colonoscopy you could say.)

The colonoscopy itself is really not a big deal. An armful of prophenol, a two hour nap, you wake up refreshed and ready for a nice meal. The prep the pain in the ass, as it were. My procedure is scheduled for 10 AM tomorrow, so I am not allowed to eat any solid food today. The recommended foods I can have are Jell-o, clear broth, clear juice and popsicles. I can't eat or drink anything red, purple or blue.

At 6 PM I have to take my first 32 ounce dose of MoviPrep, a prescription polyethelene glycol, or PEG solution, whose motto is "Low Volume Bowel Preparation. High Volume Effectiveness.", an understatement if ever there was one. This is the nuclear option of colon cleansing. I have to drink another 32 ounces of this vile mixture at 9 PM.

I promise to not be too graphic as I approach the MoviPrep moment, unlike say Katie Couric (I met her once, and she is an absolutely charming and sweet woman, with a very cute younger boyfriend).

OK, so the last meal I ate last night was pan-roasted mackerel with mustard, roasted fennel, cucumbers and yogurt, pain levain, and a bottle of Cotes du Rhone. Today I've eaten some lemon Jell-o, lime Jell-o, some turkey stock and a lemon popsicle. I ran for half an hour this morning. I am hungry.